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About Me

A native of the Czech Republic, Kamil spent a better part of his childhood playing behind the bar as his father went about tending his job as a waiter. He learned at a very early age the art of service and making clients happy by helping his dad pull pints and pour lemonades.

With over 20 years of bartending experience, Kamil has been fortunate to work in many cities across Europe including Prague, Dublin, London. Kamil now lives and works all around Asia.
His experience is now vast - his roles having taught him all about working behind the scenes of bars. From new openings to recruitment, training of bar staff, setting standards, ordering the product to stocktake, creating budgets, managing cash flow and of course business and cocktail development.

So what makes Kamil tick? Family, travel and his career. He loves to take time to be with his family, to explore the world; experience different places, learning new things along the way. All this is seen in his career - as he takes his honed expertise and crafts this into a beverage experience you’ll always remember.

Kamil is available for private bartending, consulting, speaking, writing and television.

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