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Sugar Cane - Its Culinary Uses

A few weeks ago, we posted an interview with Joy Spence about rum and her passion for sugarcane. Today, I would like to look at the culinary use of sugarcane from all around the world.

While Persians, Greek and many ancient nations were using sugar cane to create sweetener instead of bees and pollination for centuries. Other parts of the world use sugarcane for alcoholic beverage production. The most popular alcoholic beverage up today is rum, cachaca and falernum.

Several parts of sugar cane are eaten raw, steamed or toasted and prepared in various ways through Indonesia. In India, they like to use as jaggery (brown sugar), sugar syrup for bartenders all around the world. However, the most refreshing drink I ever tried is sugar cane juice with a touch of lemon.

Molasses and jaggery are the recognised secondary products from sugar cane for desserts and further production. They can be used for making homemade sugar syrups for its complex flavours, however, here is a simple recipe for anyone to make at home.

Tebu Telor

50 ml Cachaca 75 ml Fresh sugar cane juice 30 ml Wheat grass juice

Combine all ingredients in tall glass over ice and garnish with a squeeze of lemon, and several sugarcane sticks for chewing.

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